Can You Blame Me?

Okay, so I've been a little remiss about the journal. Couldn't spend the last of my summer and September in front of a keyboard. Can you blame me? Just busy trying to get settled in for the winter. There will be a new CD coming out soon with Jerry Modjeski producing. It's a match up of New Xer's and a couple of free players from the early days of the Minneapolis free jazz scene. Should be interesting, but I'll save some details for a later post. Kelly Coyle, Steve Smith and I will introduce a new trio at the Oct. 20 "Words and Music" gig at the Winona Arts Center. I'm looking forward to it. Sometimes, it's hard to find - space is the place - in the bigger units. I'll probably bring out some kind of surprise. There will also be slots for the "Ferrel Cats" and cellist Kathy McTavish throughout the evening. Maybe we'll all get together for a jam, if they don't shut it down to early. One of my favorite gigs is coming up at the Minneapolis Art Institue on October 24. It's a morning thing. That kind of knocks me out - But it's solo "Incidental Music" in the Fountain Court which makes it all worth while. I sit in a corner on my old Sears Silvertone amp and push any and all sounds out through an electric dulcimer with digital delay and a few other tricks. The sounds bounce around the polished stone room and flowing fountain with the art community all about chitting and chatting and carrying on. If you're a MN artist - come on out and vote.

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