Futurist Influences

I've been silent for awhile, but the band is at Ed's tomorrow night and we are introducing a new performative twist. It reminded me of my Futurist roots.

Here's a quote I thought you might enjoy:
"We Futurists have deeply loved and enjoyed the harmonies of the great masters. For many years Beethoven and Wagner shook our nerves and hearts. Now we are satiated and WE FIND MORE ENJOYMENT IN THE COMBINATION OF THE NOISES OF TRAMS, BACKFIRING MOTORS, CARRIAGES AND BAWLING CROWDS THAN IN REHEARING, for example, THE 'EROICA' OR THE 'PASTORAL'.
We cannot see that enormous apparatus of force that the modern orchestra represents without the most profound and total disillusion at the paltry acoustic results. Do you know of any sight more ridiculous than that of twenty men furiously bent on redoubling the mewing of a violin?"
From The Art Of Noises (extracts) 1913 Luigi Russolo A reply to press comment on lectures given by the writer at the 1912 Futurist exhibition in Brussels and Paris. These words once excited me - I hope they do you. Tanto amore.

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