Incidental Front Man

The incidental front man: Last night, was my first solo “Incidental Music” at Ed’s laid-back-bar in Winona. Sure, I’m often solo on the road, but that’s usually a show with expectations. I approached Ed with the idea of a no “show” atmospheric background sound night. It’s a style I’ve grown more and more into with an annual gig at the Minneapolis Art Institute, but I didn’t know if it would translate well to a bar. It’s free jazz atmospheric, ambient and I guess entertaining. It worked at Ed’s. Here’s my bonus: Playing incidentally, I allow myself to drift in and out of sound patterns and explore instruments. This first night out included vibraphone, ocean harp and an amped up dulcimer with bow, digital delay and a new capo. I’m sometimes delighted if I discover a new tone or two that I didn’t even know was in or out there. And here’s the thing, I’m honored to play with the New X Art Ensemble. I often even wonder how I became the front man for a band of superb and seasoned musicians. Being out front has more responsibility than any irresponsible rapscallion may care to undertake, so incidentally, there’s more incidental music on the way.

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