Local Lure 2 & Swim Finale

I finally saw a copy of "The Lure of the Local" by Lucy Lippard. It was published in 1997, but I had no idea I was included in it: “But few have yet to discover this vast territory of national water issues, which is outside of most of their experiences. There are, of course exceptions, such as Billy Curmano’s heroic and often hilarious swim down the entire Mississippi as a performance work and environmental statement, accompanied by a deluge of hokey fan club press releases (“As American as Apple Pie, But Better for You!”); at the beginning of the 1996 swimming season, he had swum 1,928 of the 2,500 miles from his home state of Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.” – pg. 167 Lucy, here’s your update: “Alligators…Lightening…and sharks!...Oh,…my! On July 23rd, 1997 at 12:25 p.m., with alligators to the rear, sharks in the bay and a hurricane forming off the coast of Cuba, Billy X. Curmano became the first person in recorded history to swim from the source of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico.” – “Selections from Objects” Catalog, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, 1997. Incidentally, the mayor proclaimed Oct. 4, 1997 “Billy X. Curmano Day” in New Orleans and the New X Art Ensemble played for the “Swim Finale” with some very special guest stars sitting in. Before and during the long, long swim, I developed a signature piece, "The River Rap". It addresses problems with all the world's waters. It was released on the award winning "Billy X: Solo Set" CD available at CD Baby. The lyrics are on this site and available in a chapbook from Art Works USA.

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