Performance for an Unknown Space with Lemons

I was proof-reading material for the next "Fandango" do out shortly. It reminded me of the exhibition I participated in at the Rourke Museum, Moorhead, MN last summer. I decided to re-create an older piece for their Neo-Dada theme. "Performance for an Unknown Space with Lemons" was born again in the 49th Midwestern Invitational in the form of a handcrafted artist's book complete with steel hinged binding. From the title page: "One day, a note from an artist previously unknown to me arrived by mail. It was from a Hungarian born Canadian artist and founder of the Lyrical Conceptualist Society, Paul Hartal. He had come across my work and found it of interest. He suggested we collaborate. I prepared a detailed plan for a farcical performance placing sound, music, movement, poetry, sights and scents together in an unfamiliar space. The space and participants were unknown to me. Arrangements were made entirely by mail and the performance strictly adhered to my 16-page instruction booklet. Performance for an Unknown Space with Lemons was first performed by the Lyrical Conceptualist Society at Atelier 2101, Montreal, and Quebec, Canada in 1980. The performers have remained unknown to me.