Threat Level 3: Orange Alert

Billy had recorded with both Steve Smith and John Pendergast, but the 3 first played together at the New Orleans Contemporary Art Center with New X. It was the end of Billy's swim from the source of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico; the mayor proclaimed Billy X. Curmano Day and the 3 late-nighters played in the stairwell of their hotel. They clicked and wanted more. Time and distance held up the follow through for ten years, but now it’s a done deal. The compact disc Orange Alert is finally pressed and available at The first live Threat Level 3 show was a soundscape created for Internationally renowned sculptor Kenneth Patrick Payne’s Circus Inferno, Fire & Ice, at the Burchfield Nature/Art Center near Buffalo, NY. A medieval cast iron stave furnace acted as front man to the trio as they improvised with its sounds and flames climbing to a 3,000º operating temperature.

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