Video Link "The Greyhound Tour"

The first video on the Links Page is from a solo performance in Brooklyn that was part of a much larger project. Here's a back story from "The Fandango" (Vol. 28; 2005): The Greyhound Tour was a slice of Americana and a comment on mass transit - with a sense of history and parody thrown in for good measure. History in the tradition of the great blues and rock-a-billy players that traveled by bus (or anyway they could) and a parody of the lavish rock n' roll, country and hip-hop tours and buses of today. Unbeknownst to Greyhound (Read that: no support), they provided public transport (in an age of solo SUV's) with a driver and built in posse that covered 21 "performances" and 6,293 miles in 45 days - just for the price of a pass. Just another project way ahead of the curve. Almost immediately after the tour, Greyhound closed 260 bus stations between Seattle and Chicago. It primarily impacts the poor, infirm and elderly, especially in rural America. The Greyhound Pass expired at midnight along with the last notes of his live radio concert on KFAI, Minneapolis.

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