“Water Week”, Salt Lake City

For Immediate Release: Billy X. Curmano launches his latest work with an appearance at “Water Week” in Salt Lake City on May 3rd. The award winning artist is known for eccentric performances like being buried alive and swimming the length of the Mississippi River. He brings his water based environmental art trilogy to Brewvies Cinema Pub, 677 S. 200 W. #D, with video-screenings culled from “Swimming the Mississippi”, “Death Valley Desert Classic” and “66º 33’ North” followed by a live art performance. The 2,367.4-mile Mississippi River swim was a performance, environmental statement and vision quest through the “Father of Waters” during drought, abundance and over-abundance. The resultant documentary won the “ 2002 Henry Hampton Award for Excellence in Film & Digital Media”. He greeted the Millennium in Death Valley with a 40-day desert fast that took him from the abundance of water to its absence. The third leg of the trilogy was as witness to water in changing states with an Arctic Circle odyssey entirely on public transportation. Billy X. will arrive in Salt Lake City several days before the screenings to begin an as-yet unnamed work in the Salt Lake Eco-system. He will gather “Ambassadors for Clean Water” as collaborators. The salty team will develop a fresh work in and about the area’s unique environmental issues with an eye to next year’s festival. Progress will be reported on the Internet through out the year with frequent updates in the journal at http://www.billyx.net and on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/BillyXC “Hmmm… I’m wondering, now that everybody is green, am I still a tree hugger?” - Billy XC, Tweet on Twitter, April 21, 2009

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