Perfformance for the dead 40th anniversary

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Billy X. Curmano Performative Dialogues II

Ecoartspace, Santa Fe, NM

10 am Pacific Time; 11 am MT; Noon CT; 1 pm ET - Billy X Curmano joins environmental artists Maru Garcia, Andrea Haenggi and Leslie Sobel in a performance dialogue moderated by Patricia Watts, Ecoartspace, Santa Fe, NM. $10 general public Ecoartspace Members Free.


Portrait of the Artist as Political Prisoner

Art in Odd Places 2019 Invisible, 14th Street Avenue C to Hudson River, New York City, NY

Art in Odd Places runs along 14th Street between Oct. 17 and 20th during afternoons. Watch for Billy in his wearable chain-link cage sculpture.


Performing for the Dead

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space, 323 W. 39th St. 2nd Floor, New York City, NY

Billy X Curmano and Linda Mary Montano will split an evening of performance art in conjunction with the exhibition "As Far As the Heart Can See" and "Reimagine End of Life". Curated by Nicolás Dumit Estévez RafulCuratorial Fellow: JP-Anne Giera Community PartnersGay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC)Reimagine End of Life


As Far As The Heart Can See

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space, 323 W. 39th St. 2nd Floor, New York City, NY

Threat Level 3, Billy X Curmano, John Pendergast and Steve Smith, will offer up free jazz for the opening reception of the group exhibition "As Far As The Heart Can See" from 7-9 pm September 21. Billy will be exhibiting objects and video from "Swimmin' the River", his 2,367.4 mile Mississippi River Swim as performance and environmental statement, along with the other heavy hitters from the performance world through November 17. ArtistsNao Bustamante, Billy X. Curmano, Irina Danilova & Project 59, Beatrice Glow,Ivan Monforte, Linda Mary Montano, Praxis (Delia & Brainard Carey), ElizabethStephens & Annie Sprinkle, and Martha Wilson & Franklin Furnace Archive Curated by Nicolás Dumit Estévez RafulCuratorial Fellow: JP-Anne Giera Community PartnersGay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC)Reimagine End of Life


Island Universe

Project 59, Colonels Row 407A, NYC Governor's Island, NY

"Island Universe" is a group exhibition running from May 27 to July 8 on Governor's Island, NY with Alberto Bursztyn & Adrian D. Cameron, Billy X Curmano, Irina Danilova & Hiram Levy, Lisa Hein & Bob Seng, Ed Herman, Rita Leduc, Alyson Pou, Angelo Riviello, Margaret Roleke, Rino Telaro, Mary Ting, Dasha Ziborova and Natalia Zubko & Beau Kenyon. " />  Island Universe invited a group of artists to explore elements of Governors Island: Water, Wind, Light, (Is)land, and People. They transformed the rooms, stairways, and hallways of a house into a series of installations, sculptures, murals, and performances. While representing different elements of the Governors Island universe, the exhibition became itself a universe for a creative community of participating artists. May 27 - July 8, 2018 in Building 407A, Colonels Row, Governors Island, NYC.Curator: Irina Danilova Billy X Curmano and John Pendergast perform during the opening reception on May 27th 1-5 pm Organized by Project 59


Exploratory Expeditionary Art Adventure Team

Art in Odd Places 2017 SENSE, 14th Street Avenue C to Hudson River, New York City, NY

“Call me Billy X. … I’ve come upon a legend, perhaps a false legend, but nonetheless a legend worthy of note. It concerns the lost New Amsterdam Passage.” For the Art in Odd Places Festival (AiOP) and with a nod to mariners everywhere, Billy is forming an Exploratory Expeditionary Art Adventure Team to search for a lost New Amsterdam Passage, which just might connect the East and Hudson Rivers. Water, water everywhere - the Hudson River to the west, the East River to the east, water towers above, pipes below and on the rise with just a granite island holding those waters at bay. The art adventurers need a short cut to bring “Greetings from his Mississippi River to the Hudson and East Rivers” within the relatively brief time span of the AiOP Festival. You could become a part of this amazing art adventure. We are looking for a few good people to fill out the Exploratory Expeditionary Art Adventure Team. As with most explorers, we could really use an indigenous guide to find what may well already be there. Artists, musicians, arty-types, techies and performers of any ilk are especially welcome to apply. Team members will explore the passageway with historic Chelsea, Gramercy, Union & Stuyvesant Squares, and the Meatpacking & Flat Iron Districts to the North and Alphabet City, the East, West and Greenwich Villages to the South with a stop on and under the Highline.


Threat Level 3

Winona Arts Center, 228 E 5th Street, Winona, MN

Billy X Curmano, John Pendergast and Steve Smith are "Threat Level 3". This concert celebrates their "Orange Alert" album's nomination for a 2017 Just Plain Folks Music Award. All proceeds from the benefit concert go to the art center's accessibility fund.



Big River Radio Wave

Big River Radio Wave Wisconsin Public Radio, WIsconsin

Billy X is a guest on this popular variety radio broadcast statewide.


Honor the Hidden & Collected Waters

Valletta International Visual Arts Festival VIVA, Valletta, Malta

Mni Wiconi Water Is Life: Billy will open the international festival with a performance and installation on the first day and remain as an artist in residence working on building water awareness. He teams with an award winning hydrologist, Marco Cremona, to demonstrate both sacred ritual and practical application to protect our most precious resource.


Jazz Summit

Ed's No Name - The Velvet Jimi, Third & Franklin Streets, Winona, MN

Two great Jazz bands, Dr. Jazz & The Antidotes and Billy X & The New X Art Ensemble, alternate sets then join together with a tribute to Sun Ra as the free jazz New X Antidote Arkestra. John Paulson will be joined by Eric Heukeshoven and Steve Kulas. The latest incarnation of New X includes Billy X. Curmano, Richard Harding, D.L. Hunt and Steve Smith. Notes will fly.


Billy X: Solo Set

Cafe Steam, 315 S. Broadway, Rochester, MN

Billy X. Curmano will be switching up on a number of instruments, singing and telling short and tall tales. "The inclusion of ocean harp, Zimbabwean mbira and trippy electric dulcimer makes for textures harsh enough for intentional listening yet unobtrusive enough for background ambiance or avant-garde soundtracks." - Jamie Lee Rake, Shepherd Express, Milwaukee.

No Charge


24-Hour World Wide Rolling Nap Reception

The Witoka Contemporary, 27979 County Road 17, Winona, MN

Billy X. Curmano, the nap soloist, will greet the public after awakening from the 24-Hour World Wide Rolling Nap and the Witoka Contemporary collection will be open for viewing. 


24-Hour World Wide Rolling Nap

The Witoka Contemporary, 27979 County Road 17, Winona, MN

Billy X. Curmano will attempt to bed down for “The 24-hour Worldwide Rolling Nap” March 19th at 7:33 a.m. Central Daylight Savings Time and awaken with the 2015 Spring Dawn at 7:33 a.m. March 20th. The performance and environmental statement encourages a paradigm shift to: Relax... Do Less... Save the Planet. (It's not EZ.) Actually, the planet will be okay... Humans... Not so much.


"How Do You Sleep?" Installation Visitation

The Witoka Contemporary, 27979 County Road 17, Winona, MN

The "24-Hour Worlwide Rolling Nap" installation "How Do You Sleep?" will be open for visitation Thursday night preceding the performance. It includes a "Bed of Nails" with a "Pillow and Blanket of Tiny Tacks", "Kevlar Pajamas" and the "Formal Strait Jacket". The red frame bed boasts 2,395 galvanized steel 3" roofing nails, the blanket 2,766 galvanized steel 1/2" cut tacks and the pillow 640 black steel 1/2" cut tacks.


TriOx at Bosso Poetry Company

Dusty's Bar, 1319 Marshall Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN

Billy X. Curmano in performance with Marvin Lightspeed at the Bosso Poetry Company's monthly live show of music, poetry and ... ? Billy X: Vocals, vibes, mbira, electric dulcimer and ocean harp - Marvin Lightspeed: drums/percussion


Think on Climate

Peoples Climate March, New York City

Catch as Catch Can. Billy will be carrying an Mbira and small Pigs Eye amplifier to perform "I Think on These Things" during the Peoples Climate March.


Think on Climate

Peoples Climate Train, Amtrak, Chicago-NYC

Catch as Catch Can. Billy will be performing "I Think on These Things" at Union Station and aboard the Peoples Climate Train between Chicago and New York City. If conditions allow, he will also perform "Greetings from the Mississippi to the Chicago River".