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An Actual Burial Stone & Other Objects from the Original 3-day "Buried Alive" Gravesite - along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Lemon Performance Booklets

Performance for an Unknown Space With Lemons (16 pages, 5.5" X 4.25")

Performance for an Unknown Space With Lemons Documentation (8 pages, 5.5" X 4.25")

In 1979, I sent 16 pages of detailed performance instructions via the postal service to Paul Hartal, the founder of the Lyrical Conceptualist Society, in Montreal and Quebec, Canada. We had never met. The society performed the work in 1980 and sent photographic documentation to me. The space and all the players have remained unknown to me. The project was re-created in these two booklets in 2015. - Billy X.



Lemon Performance Booklets

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Billy X. Curmano Futurism's Bastard Son

DSCN2380_resized.jpg"Futurism's Bastard Son" documents several decades of eccentric work from somewhat traditional objects to conceptual plans and live art. It includes 3-days buried alive, a lengthwise Mississippi River swim as performance and environmental statement, 40-day Death Valley Desert Fast and performances for cows and other under-served audiences.
Published by Mark Pezinger Verlag – Vienna and first released in Kassel Germany, parallel to Documenta 13 followed by the Museum Of Modern Art, P.S. 1, New York in 2012.
It's quality over quantity with Munken Lynx paper and stitched thread binding. (Pages: 115 grams Cover: 300 grams) The story of an artist’s life as art in 128 letter size pages with 164 black and white images and French Flap Covers. The text is in English from multiple sources including Billy X. - Design: Astrid Seme.

The book: Futurism's Bastard Son

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The Search


A camera follows Billy X. through three life altering performance works in The Search for that indefinable quality that separates the masterpiece from everyday art.
During the Performance for the Dead, the artist was buried alive for 3 days. He followed up with a 2,367.4-mile Mississippi River swim from its source to the Gulf of Mexico as both performance and environmental statement. Swimming the Mississippi was awarded the Henry Hampton Award for Excellence in Film & Digital Media. During Death Valley Desert Classic he abandoned the traditional storyboard and limited recording to just a singular moment from each 24 hours of a 40-day desert fast.
Bonuses include Earth Speaks (literally) and a cut from Threat Level 3's Orange Alert.

The Search DVD

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Book & DVD Package

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