Fandango Vol. #49 2024 Read all about: Interpol and the Stolen Billy; 40th Anniversary Performance for The Dead Events: Dead Again At 40, Full Moon Exhumed Zoom via Franklin Furnace Loft & Interior Beauty Salon, Blow Out Bash, Leaning Grotto of Witoka Dedication, 40th Anniversary Month and Commemorative Swag. Performance in Absentia: Billy Board: Texas Two Step: Tour & Performance; Billy surprised with VVAW Winter Soldier Award; Lament & The Single Angel Family; More Rourke Tales; Booth House Collective R.I.P. Plus Three. (Images: Bellavia as Sculptor/ure; Granite Marker; Logo T-shirt & Billboard) 3.28 MB
Fandango #48 Addendum Fandango #48 Addendum: Performance for the Dead 40th Anniversary Issue; MN Artist Buried Alive; Logo image; Driftless Region Blowout Bash; Exhumed Zoom from Franklin Furnace Loft & The Interior Beauty Salon; Satellite Events; Official Buried Alive Party Kit; Post Card image; In Sympathy Exhibition image and Art Worker credits. 3.05 MB
Fandango Vol. 48 2023 Read all about: The Driftless Art Works USA; Collective Solar Power; My Life with Willy III & Willy joins the NYC Reliquary; Linda Montano Love Letter - Hieroglyphic & Ante Up Images - Who’s an Artist? Die at the Right Time/Do Not Resuscitate; Elder Artist Discrimination; Signatures for a Buck; Franklin Furnace Panel; How He Do That? Billy’s Body Arts Pages Cover Image; On Baffling; Collective Documenta 15; Booth House Image; Experimental Sound Lab; Poetry & Plantings; Indigenous Wisdom; Long Swim Pieta Image; Exhibitions & Such; Video Deo; Don’t Give Up the Ship; The Rights of Nature; Free Markets? Can Clean Ups Clean Up; Freedom of/from Religion; Still Swimmin’ image; Voices follow Roberts Rules of Order
11.8 MB
Fandango Vol. #47 2022 Read all about: Art Work Elimination Event #1 (Circa: 1975), Life With Willy II, The Spazju Kreattiv Art Collection - Malta, Off White (Italian-American) and Green Privilege, Pioneering Eco-Sexuals, Wagging Just a Stub, Fine Art Haul Away, Losses Column, Way Big Losses (Annie Bailey, Jerry Modjeski), X-Ray Glasses, 11th Annual Art 4 Shelter, Homeless Hilton, NY, NY (1990),, The EcoArt Space Blog, Luddite & All Right, Franklin Furnace Sapphire Soirée, Noche Ritual, Adventures with Billy Journal (June 15, 2021), Our fundraising goal.
Fan Subscribers also received an 8.5” X 11”, full color “Willy W. Why Spiritualist” poster (As seen front page Vol. #47)
1.74 MB
Fandango Vol. 46 (2021) Read all about: Could be the Last Fandango; Heir to Art History (The Death of Billy X); Tiny Cards Go Bigger; Life with Willy; Astounding Metamorphosis to CAA; Nothing in Hamburg; Billy Bald Eagle 3; Talismans to Comfort Items; Performative Dialogues II; The Drive-By; AP vs Billy X; Burden of Most Kissable Lips; The Gill Boy in Performance; Sideshow Banner Painting; Land Acknowledgement; Rights of Discovery vs Stolen Lands; Arrest by Private Person; Private Land Is a Made Up Thing; Emergency Index 9 and always more.
8.25 MB
Fandango Vol. 45 (2020) Read all about: Two Poets & A Transvestite Tale; Two Unauthorized Performances: Book Signing #1 & Portrait of the Artist as Political Prisoner; Art Works USA Mega-Scandal; Billy to Melbourne; Moscow Museum of Modern Art; Art in Odd Places: Invisible; Billyography; Artist’s Statement Tiger Cage; On Becoming the Object; Mother Marion Project; Guaranteeing Wedded Bliss; Night Vigil (Flesh of God); Last Transmission; Climate Update; I Think on These Things; Don’t Give Up the Ship; Bouquet for Greta; The American Dream; Eat Meat? Protecting Corporate Psychopaths; First US River Granted Rights; Emergency Index 8; The P Word; Futurism’s Bastard Son; Incidentals; Monument to Stupidity #1 and even more. 6.9 MB

Read all about Billy and the new year Blackbird visit, As Far as the Heart Can See, Transformative Performance & Threat Level 3 at the Elizabeth Foundation in NYC, his version of the Artist’s Life, Whitewater Wedding, Billy & John perform at the Reception & Billy’s work in Project 59: Island Universe on Governor’s Island, NYC Harbor, his Artistic Isolationism, the release of Franklin Furnace: Performance & Politics, Hate Groups & The Family Tree, Climate Change(d), French Film Crew & KSMQ-TV, Back Roads Bus Tour, The Democratic Process, Fine Art Tee Certification and Archives Held Hostage. Plus exclusive & historic images including some from those exhibitions and Billy ER William, Leaning Grotto, Life on the Farm and so much more.


Read all about: Billy’s performance adventures and solo exhibition on Malta and how the Maltese National Art Collection acquired some of his work. The Expeditionary Art Adventure Team and “Sculptural Acoustic Roller Vessel” at NYC’s Art in Odd Places with Billy’s Keynote Performance - plus a minor “travel travail”.  Billy’s busted shoulder concert with Threat Level 3 at the Winona Arts Center after their “Orange Alert” CD was nominated for an experimental album award. Correspondence Art - or perhaps an “artograph” - with Ali from the United Kingdom. Group exhibitions with Billy’s “Portrait of the Artist as Revolutionary” at the 58th Midwestern Invitational and with “And You Lands in Jail” added for the Winona Arts Center show (his concealed wallet etched in the Milwaukee County Jail). A nonprofessional photographer captured the image that's become the “face” of the Mississippi River Swim project. Billy's “Time Be My Bitch” is published in Emergency Index Vol. 6 - and of course coming adventures - KSMQ Public Television - and a Fall 2018 group show at the Elizabeth Foundation, NYC.

Fandango Vol. 42

Special Water Issue - Mni Wiconi - Water is Life - Read all about: Sacred ritual and practical applications for water use with Billy at the Valleta International Visual Arts Festival (VIVA) on the Island Nation of Malta and experiments in water awareness there; Water Wars and environmental attacks; Billy's keynote address for the Art in Odd Places Festival in New York City; how rivers have gained personhood in India and New Zealand; Saving the cultural legacy of artist elders; The Artists Reserved Rights Transfer and Sales Agreement at the College Art Association Annual Conference; Apt Action at Critical Practices 21ST.PROJECTS in NYC; Art for Aleppo with all proceeds to Save the Children Syria and how to take Direct Action for the environment by divesting from big banks & fossil fuels and re-investing in green infrastructure.

Fandango Vol. 41

Read all about the Oct. 2017 Exploratory Expeditionary Art Adventure with Billy in NYC during Art in Odd Places; Enacting the Text: Performing with Words (the exhibition), Time Be My Bitch (live art), the Deface Billy Project winners and a rare correction (with brief and incomplete notes on 19 artists) all this from the Center for Book Arts (NYC); Historic environmental themed images from 1990 and 2014; Curmano sells off at Red Horse Gallery; Remembering Vietnam at the Winona History Center; Billy in Emergency INDEX from Ugly Duckling Presse and a call for Volunteers for Art in Odd Places.

Addenda Vol. 41

How you can join Billy on the Exploratory Expeditionary Art Adventure Team in New York City and enjoy life as art and art as life.

Deface Billy Project Winners

Minnesota based Art Works USA and the Center for Book Arts (NYC) distributed over 3,000 images of American artist Billy X. Curmano to be defaced, displayed and archived. Enacting the Text curator Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful is pleased to announce his selections for The Coveted Big Winner Award for Artistic Defacement. The twelve honorees are:

Cynthia Hollandsworth Batty (Newcastle, DE), Mercy De La Cruz (Corona, NY), M. Wicka-Ezdon (Dakota, MN), Ginju-An (St. Louis, MO), Nicole Girgen (Winona, MN), Amy “Banner Queen” Johnquest (Holyoke, MA), LuLu LoLo, (New York, NY), Barbara Lubliner (New York, NY), Seho Park (Winona, MN), Susan Joy Rippberger (Brooklyn, NY) Lily Satchi and Joan Winkler (Lacombe, LA)

Deface Billy Project



If you ever wanted to hobnob with the New York City art in-crowd or be archived in a way cool collection or maybe even win a swell prize, here’s your big chance. Don’t blow it. It’s up to YOU. With your help, the way back machine will re-create the historic 1981 Deface Billy Project at the Center for Book Arts in NY. Copy, download and print this image, do your dirty work, follow instructions and send your Defaced Billy to the Big Apple. Artists from 15 countries once altered a young Billy’s face for the Deface Billy Project. Now it’s your turn. (Click on official rules posted below.)

Deface Billy Project Official Rules

The official rules and deadlines for the Deface Billy Project.

All entries received at: Deface Billy c/o The Center for Book Arts, 28 W. 27th Street, 3rd floor, New York, NY, USA 10001 by September 26, 2016 are eligible for swell prizes. Entries arriving between September 26 and December 10, 2016 are still eligible to be archived. Please do not send entries to the Center for Book Arts after December 10. If you still feel a need to Deface Billy, you can always send Defacements to: Art Works USA, 27979 County Road 17, Winona, MN 55987. All Defaced Billy's become the property of the Deface Billy Project and will not be returned. Click to see complete rules and swell prizes.

Fandango Vol. 40


Win Big! The Deface Billy Project contest: Prizes, Archives and a shot at the Big Apple; Material Billy sells off: A solo exhibition at Red Horse Gallery, Fountain City, WI; Enacting the Text: Billy exhibits and performs at the Center for Book Arts, NYC; Next year: Billy at Art In Odd Places (AIOP) 2017: Sense in NYC; New subsidiaries GAFA and Gafaer: Subprime art loans and art for the sharing economy; Remembering Vietnam exhibition at the Winona County History Center; The Tiger Cage in Minneapolis; Birthers and Billy; Live Art: Reordering Disorder a Workshop on Reordering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and so much more.

Fandango #39.pdf 2016

Read all about:

The Rolling Nap or 24-hours on a bed of nails with a blanket and pillow of tiny tacks - plus mysterious orbs in the night. Swimmin' the River joins the Hemispheric Institute for Performance & Politics. Futurism's Bastard Son goes to UCLA and the NY Center for Book Arts. Performance for an Unknown Space with Lemons re-created and reviewed. The Artists Reserved Rights Transfer & Sales Agreement in action protecting The Impervious Flag. The shocking real story behind the Leaning Grotto of Witoka. Impostors claiming firsts exposed. Medicinal Cannabis or big Pharma forever. A murderous editorial, special deals and way way more.  


On July 23rd, 1997 at 12:25 p.m., Billy X. Curmano completed his swim from the source of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. There have been countless articles and witnesses along the way including this Associated Press article confirming the completion of the long swim as both performance art and environmental statement. He continued swimming further out into the Gulf of Mexico on October 4th, 1997 which was proclaimed Billy X. Curmano Day in New Orleans by the city's mayor.

Fandango #38.pdf 2015

Read all about:

The multi year project “InClimate: Climate Change Solutions Awareness and Action” and how the “Rolling Nap” is progressing; A spore attack on rare live art video recordings; Naming rights for Billy’s work; Coast to coast for climate action aboard the Peoples Climate Train culminating in the 400,000 strong Peoples Climate March in New York City followed by a Flood Wall Street occupation. Water cleansing rituals at the East River and “Greetings from Misi-ziibi to Mespaethes. There’s plenty more with images and brief notes on the “Peoples River History”, the postal exhibit “PO4ever”, the new sculpture “Black Box”, the Rourke Museum’s “55th Midwestern Invitational” and experimental sound and music in the studio and beyond.

The Mississippi as Artist's Canvas

The Milwaukee Journal music and dance critic, Tom Strini, spent three days with Billy's historic "Swimmin' the River" project and wrote this extensive article on the experience.

Fandango #37.pdf 2014

Read about Billy as "American Idle" in his latest work-in-progress the, "24-hour World Wide Rolling Nap" - it's a performance/installation and dedicated web site at The issue includes "The World Wide Rolling Nap Manifesto" as an insert suitable for framing and how to get an Organic cotton rolling nap T-shirt. Cloak & dagger connections between the CIA > Museum of Modern Art > Billy < and the FBI are finally revealed. How Billy's book, "Futurism's Bastard Son", was blocked by among others NPR and how you can help spread the volume and its DVD. There's a blast from the past with the "Household Word Project". His "InClimate Blog" (Continuous since Jan. 1, 2013) has a daily thought, haiku, parable or whatever on climate change. Then there is information on didactic environmental education performance panels and other aspects of his connection to the NY based Franklin Furnace "InClimate" project. And finally, Announcing the Grand Opening of the Witoka Contemporary Super Colossal Mega Art Mall and of course the best recollections in a year end collection including TriOX and lecture at the Art Students League of NY.

Rolling Nap Manifesto

Fandango Vol. #37: "The World Wide Rolling Nap Manifesto" suitable for framing.

Fandango #36.pdf 2013

Go on and read about the New on Line Store, Year of Billy and Artist of the Year and how he was Ejected from the CAA Conference, National Artists’ Dinner Day Proclamation, People of CA vs. Billy, The Billy Book: Futurism’s Bastard Son, InClimate InBilly InNYC, Billy Objects Shipped Out, Documenta 13, XART Audio & Scorched Ear, A Lady of Help Miracle, Inside Performance Art Cancelled, Apocalyptic Fashion & Etiquette Guide, Artist of the Year Title for Sale, Soul Fire 4 the Gulf & Dr. John (Yes, that Dr. John), Midnight Babylon & Billy’s Brain and New Irregular Membership Introduced.

Fandango #35.pdf 2012

Download and Read about PANik3 and Billy book publishing in Vienna, Poppa Neutrino Jazz Funeral and CD collaboration with New X, the "Abandoned CD Project", Performance Art Screenings, "Water Trilogy" as Object, Recreating the "Homeless Hilton" and "Midnight Babylon", Artists often donate work, Oxy wises up, Crashes at the Witoka Contemporary, Leaning Grotto, H.W. Janson on collecting (Art News) and more.

Fandango #35 eXtra

Extra, eXtra, eXtra Download and Read all about it, "2012 Artist of the Year" with old file photos.

Fandango #34.pdf 2011

Download and read about "The Search" DVD Release, Billy X crowned Swimming Man Festival King, "Bloodbath" recreated in "Vision" magazine Beijing, China & others, "Midnight Babylon" in Buffalo, NY, "Oxy the Smart Bomb", "The Water Trilogy" Cascade Meadows Environmental Science Center, "History of Disappearance" still touring, "Futurism" at Rourke Museum, Billy X. with John Cage, Billy's Tiny Card Co., Prsonal Weight Loss Plan, The Idiot and Moron Party (IMP) and more...

Fandango #33.pdf 2010

Download and Read The Fandango issue #33 (2009-2010)

"Bloodbath", Dawn Perlmutter  in UCLA Journal then EuroArts, Terra Linguistic Institute, Portrait of the Artist as Someone Else, In Case I should Ever Be Murdered, Water Week Salt Lake City, The Spiral Jetty, The Rouge Forum, Threat Level 3 Review in Shepherd Express, The Witoka Contemporary, Sessions and Boards, Alphabet Soup, Apocalyptic Guide

Fandango #29.pdf 2009

Obscurum per Obsurious (2005-6)

Read all about: Live Art: 66º 33' North, the Arctic Circle Adventure; Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?; European Tour III; shorts on MOMA addition; UNC virtual visit; MAEP incidental music, Vietnam USA Peace at 30/30, Fine Art Tees to MA, Winona Arts Center Rotary Sail, WI Arts Board Grant Take-Away and Rode Hard Put Up Wet or how touring can kick your butt and an Open Message on wealth.

Fandango #21.pdf 2000

The Blocked Apocalypse Issue - read about the 40-day juice and water fast "Death Valley Desert Classic" with its "Ministry of Art", "Special Intentions 3 for a buck", "Adventures with Billy", the usual calendar and "Be Smart Buy Some Art Offers" you just can't refuse.