InClimate 809; Rolling Nap Rolls Out 

I got up along with the Spring sunrise from a 24-hour nap. The nails and tacks on my bed kept me in the present, centered and on *point, but I must admit I tried to sneak a peak at the future longing for 7:33 am as a young child longs for Christmas morning.

Documentation is up at It includes a photo per hour with a comment from Control: Margarita Baumann, D.L. Hunt and Steve Smith. Add your own sleep stories, images and what-not at

*pun intended

InClimate 808; Dreaming with Everyone 

The 24-Hour Worldwide Nap begins this morning at 7:33 a.m. My body may remain in Witoka, but as the planet turns the dream travels full circle - around and through the world’s time zones - in a virtual nap with everyone.


Documentation includes hourly tweets at through wake-up with the new Spring sunrise.

InClimate 807; A Koan Bed 

A koan is an insoluble puzzle, paradoxical anecdote or riddle used to escape the prison of logic, to be in the present, to not be in the past or the future, but to be here now - a device used to help us be in the present.


The “Bed o’ Nails” could be viewed as a physical manifestation of a koan with 2,395 nails likely to remind any user about their present moment.

InClimate 806; Slow Down 

A species that has the power to dominate other species and cause mass extinctions and planetary poisonings should really slow down.

InClimate 804; Rolling Nap Documentation 

Relax.. Do less.. Save the *planet.


The 24-hour Worldwide Rolling Nap begins March 19th 7:33 am Central Daylight Savings Time. Documentation includes hourly tweets at


from bed-down through wake-up with Spring sunrise March 20th, 2015 7:33 am CDST.


Let’s nap.


Visitation: March 18 5-8 pm

Reception: March 20 7-9 pm


Witoka Contemporary, 27979 County Road 17, Winona, MN

*Actually, the planet will be okay... Humans... Not so much.

InClimate 803; Less Is More 

Climate change mitigation may have a minimalist solution: Less is More. Let’s nap.

InClimate 802; A Koan 

Human activity has been linked with a too quickly changing climate. The problem may be a defining issue for this moment in time, but it seems to be similar to a Zen Koan, an insoluble puzzle. The idea of the koan is not to be solved, but for it to tire the mind until it dissolves. If human activity is part of the problem, maybe less activity is a good idea. My mind is tired. I believe I’ll have a nap.

InClimate 801; Take A Nap Pete 

The transition off fossil fuel is already happening. There is enough oil in reserves to carry us through to the new age of renewable energy. Shell oil intends to go back to the fragile and harsh Arctic environment this summer to try and drill for more oil. Pete Slaiby, the Vice President of Shell Alaska admitted, “There will be spills.” Spills seem to be his vice.

Last time Shell tried the Arctic in 2012, they had plenty of mishaps including a rig running aground. The Obama administration predicts 800…

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