Island Universe

Project 59, Colonels Row 407A, NYC Governor's Island, NY

"Island Universe" is a group exhibition running from May 27 to July 8 on Governor's Island, NY with Alberto Bursztyn & Adrian D. Cameron, Billy X Curmano, Irina Danilova & Hiram Levy, Lisa Hein & Bob Seng, Ed Herman, Rita Leduc, Alyson Pou, Angelo Riviello, Margaret Roleke, Rino Telaro, Mary Ting, Dasha Ziborova and Natalia Zubko & Beau Kenyon. " />  Island Universe invited a group of artists to explore elements of Governors Island: Water, Wind, Light, (Is)land, and People. They transformed the rooms, stairways, and hallways of a house into a series of installations, sculptures, murals, and performances. While representing different elements of the Governors Island universe, the exhibition became itself a universe for a creative community of participating artists. May 27 - July 8, 2018 in Building 407A, Colonels Row, Governors Island, NYC.Curator: Irina Danilova Billy X Curmano and John Pendergast perform during the opening reception on May 27th 1-5 pm Organized by Project 59