Billy X to Vienna

I've been selected to perform a solo work based on my "Water Trilogy" for "PANik 3 Performance as Documentation" on Sept. 26 at the Depot in Vienna, Austria.

It's especially sweet because - way, way back - my paintings were selected by an international jury to be among those representing the USA in the III Vienna Graphikbiennale. I was honored and flew off to Europe. As a young pup, I wanted to see everything. I traveled around and - it's a long story, but suffice to say I ended up in Vienna a day late for the opening. I bet I'll get there on time - this time. If you have any Euro contacts that may be interested in my work - let me know.

"PANik 3 Performance as Documentation" also includes: Julia Klaring/Andrea Salzman (Austria), Katrin Herzner (Germany), Upstage (New Zealand) and Pascale Grau (Switzerland).

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