Artist of the Year Billy X Ejected

A security team at the Los Angeles Convention Center ejected self-appointed "2012 Artist of the Year" Billy X. Curmano from the Book and Trade Fair of the College Art Association 100th Annual Conference while he was attempting to deliver his first official proclamation meant to establish the first Wednesday of each and every month, "Take an Artist Out to Dinner Day" or in exception "Bring them Home to a Lavish Feast Day". The College Art Association (CAA) Annual Conference was chosen as the venue for this bold proclamation because of its prominence as the world's largest forum for the visual arts and Mr. Curmano's long standing with the organization.

In the traditions of Art, Dada, Fluxus and the Italian Futurists, Mr. Curmano attempted to present the document during an "Unauthorized Reception" with the assistance of the Reverend Doctor Kenneth Patrick Payne. Rules will be rules and institutional bureaucracy interrupted (or became part of) the Live Art attempt at the academic gathering. After brief negotiations, Paul Skiff, assistant director for the annual conference, agreed to announce the continuation of Mr. Curmano's performance at the Lobby Court Bar of the conference headquarters hotel in exchange for a quiet and peaceful resolution. The artists were willingly escorted from the hall without further incident and reestablished the performance with a more subdued tone at the new location.

After a brief introduction, the "Take an Artist Out to Dinner Day" or in exception "Bring them Home to a Lavish Feast Day" proclamation was read, witnessed and signed with assurances it's content would be widely dispersed. The somewhat wordy title is sometimes simply shortened to National Artists Dinner Day or NADD and is meant to include all artists, art workers and arty types in the visual, literary and performing arts.

Mr. Curmano has been recognized for these kinds of activities in the past. In fact, the College Art Association collected documentation from his unauthorized work, "The Homeless Hilton; N.Y., N.Y., performed at the CAA 1990 Annual Conference in New York City for their official archive. He has also volunteered his writing to the CAA Art Journal and his expertise as a panelist for the organization. Reached for comment a slightly miffed Curmano said, "See if I ever give these guys another free unauthorized performance."

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