Mark Pezinger Verlag Adopts "A"

Mark Pezinger Verlag presents Adoptives.

Our new category, "Adoptives", is a selection of artists` books that have already been published or self-published, but are not available or accessible anymore. We have adopted at least some of these rare or forgotten works in our program to make them visible again.

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Adoptive 1: Billy X. Curmano, A volume 1#1
"A volume 1 #1" was an experiment. Each contributor was given total artistic freedom within the technical and budgetary limitations of the print format available to us in 1973. The Franklin Speed Press was not exceptionally speedy. It consisted of a single pressman that had access to a commercial print shop after hours. "A volume 1 #1" was collated and center stapled one by one by hand. Although I was somewhat pleased with the results, I had originally hoped to produce an alphabet of the volumes, A, B, C and so on and on. But then I realized, at least for the moment, I was satisfied. I came to my senses and moved on. (Billy X. Curmano, January 2013)
24 pp., b/w, letter format, published in 1973, Milwaukee, USA, Edition of 350 or 500 copies, 50 copies left, 25€