InClimate 788; Forget Climate Think Systems

Fossil fuels are a driving force behind greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, but focusing on just the climate can blur the rest of the picture. Climate change is the end-run problem, but it’s actually not the whole picture problem. We focus on it because the results of a too quickly changing climate may be disastrous for our species.

Step back, forget about climate for a moment and take a broader look. There is much to be gained and little to lose by transitioning off fossil fuels. Making cities more walkable and bicycle friendly reduces emissions and diseases brought on by lack of activity. Renewable energy replacing the burning of fossil fuels clears the air and reduces lung problems like asthma. Cutting back on meat heavy diets is healthier and reduces emissions. Protecting and restoring the natural environment is good for well-being. It sequesters carbon and offers recreation, food security and climate resilience. Efficient energy retrofits save both energy and money. People with a vested interest in a fossil fuel economy may have something to lose, but for most people transitioning to a clean, renewable energy world is a win-win.

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