Salt Lake City

Great times and great people. Water Week in Salt Lake City was extraordinary. I was honored to have a photo from the Mississippi River Swim Project chosen as the central image on all their posters, programs and even the city banner. Local artists under the umbrella of Brolly Arts converted a three-story warehouse and sites around the city into performance and gallery spaces with a water based theme. I screened video and performed at Brewvies Cinema Pub. The rest of the week was mostly spent hiking streams, canyons and the Great Salt Lake doing research for a new project in the alpine desert environment. As it stands, I’m excited about the possibilities and the uniqueness and magic of the salt to fresh water environment. I’ve only got a few days at home before Detroit and the Rouge Forum Conference with a Friday performance and Saturday workshop. With any luck, some of the progressive folks at the conference will spread across the country with fresh ideas on activism.

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