Flying Monkeys

New X premiered a new number, "Flying Monkeys Bit My Face", on March 25th. We planned to introduce it at Ed's (One of our favorite venues), but I found there was a Winona Arts Commission Public Forum at the City Hall. "Flying Monkeys" has to do with my recent diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) brought on by WAR.

After a slight break with reality, I designed a new wearable art work. It's a fully formal strait jacket with a lovely satin collar. I attended the Art's Commission Forum with saxophone great Steve Smith wielding a video camera and Dr. David Christenson, M.D. as my attendant.

After about 3 minutes of my ranting and raving about the condition of the arts in Winona, MN before an apparently somewhat baffled group of Arts Commissioners, Dr. David Christenson, M.D. approached from behind and tapped me on the shoulder. He administered several unidentifiable pills and secured me in the formal strait jacket.

I apologized to the entire room and was led off. There was laughter and applause. We went to Ed's and repeated the performance during an extended "Flying Monkeys Bit My Face". Go to my links for the video on You Tube.

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